The Series

~ The city of London, the Year is 1893 ~

This is not the romantic Victorian metropolis we’ve come to know at the end of our 19th Century. Rather, it is a steampunk world that H.G. Wells or Jules Verne would have imagined.

The last fifty years have brought advancements in just about every aspect of human endeavor. The world has harnessed the might of steel and the power of steam. Men have conquered the skies, the seas and energies never dreamed imagined. It should be a time of peace and great celebration. But as the world’s technology progresses, so does the vermin that infest and prey upon the weak. People can no longer live free or without fear. Skyraiders, crime bosses and gangs now control London and other capital cities throughout the world. And, the infestation is spreading.

These enemies strike from the air with their powerful lighter-than-air warships and descend upon the cities of the world without warning. They attack worldwide ports with ships of iron, which can submerge beneath the waves, free from any counterstrikes. Governments promise protection, however the underworld juggernaut, known as The Legion, have placed many of their puppets within the ruling class and pay them to look the other way at these raids.

However, a new resistance is forming. It has started in the city of London and is growing. It is lead by a vigilante known only as, The Archangel. His methods are vicious, his purpose is known. He and his freedom fighters will not rest until every last one of these villains lay dead by their hands.